The Legacy and the  Fulfillment
The 3 Angels' Message of Rev. Ch. 14; as Proclaimed by
"The 2 Lampstands" on "The 2 Olive Trees CDs":
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As in the movie "2010;
The Year We Make Contact"
with Roy Scheider:
Something is gonna               
 something wonderful
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           Greatest 1 Command, in the Last Days

    In the last day, many will come to Jesus and say, “Lord, Lord, did we not praise you, give glory and
honor to your name? Did we not build great churches, give 10%, and keep your Sabbath? Weren’t we
outwardly religious enough for you?” (Matt.7: 21-23) Then Jesus will answer, “Don’t you remember when I
was on earth I once said, ‘For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave
me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me …”
(Matt.25: 31-36) If you did good for someone here on earth, you would have done it for me; in fact, this is
the only way to reach me or affect me. I tried very hard to get Peter to love John, Andrew to love James,
Bartholomew to love Philip, and Matthew to love Thomas and vice versa, but they kept trying to show love
towards me alone. I knew, deep down inside, that it wasn’t true love coming from inside them, but affection
tainted with ulterior motives. They wanted something in return for their love like: power, money, or glory.
(Mark 10:37) But, the only way they were to truly love me, was to truly love each other, as I had loved them.
(St. John 13:34) In that way, I would have known that I had rubbed off on them. Consequently, when they
would have tried to show any affection towards me, I would have believed them. It took a while, but most
of them learned eventually. Do you think that I, or the Father in heaven, are concerned with simply our own
well being? Remember, the Father and I, are the same yesterday, today, and forever.” (Hew. 13:8)    
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…These are the (two olive trees) and the
two lampstands) that stand before the Lord
of the earth. (Revelation 11: 4)

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"The 2 Olive Trees CDs:"
"The 2 Lampstands:"
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Jesus’ “Year of Jubilee” and his G.1.C., are, the ONLY solution to Debts!
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3. "Man in the Mirror" by: Micheal Jackson
Ironically, “The 2 Olive Trees” CDs are like:

  In the movie “The Matrix” the character Neo was told that one cannot be told what the “Matrix” is, for
they have to [SEE] it for themselves. This confronted Neo with a choice, to either take the “Red Pill or the
“Blue Pill” See photo above. With the “Blue” nothing would change and his perception of the world would
go on as it was. Fortunately, he chose the “Red Pill” which led to the disclosure of just how intricate the
mechanical “Matrix” of his world was. Figuratively, the introduction on CD No. 2 says, “Because there is a
true “Spiritual Matrix” that has the world in bondage, the world cannot see its bondage, and therefore, the
world cannot LOVE. Consequently, we believe if one patiently continues with “The 2 Olive Trees CDs” and
all the present or possible future components associated with them, it will be the equivalent of taking the
“Red Pill” and one will [SEE] just how intricate the world’s “Spiritual Matrix/Bondage” is; or ironically, like in
the movie, “You will see just how deep, the rabbit’s hole goes”...

Continuing will also lead to the disclosure and the understanding of:
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